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The night they stormed eureka reflection


The past 2 teams we have been reading as class the night they stormed eureka. We had to do writing while Mr Bell read we did a comparison from 1850 and 2017 the thing we did shelter, water, food , hygiene and other / interesting facts. The biggest thing to me was that the girls […]

The night they stormed Eureka


Today we predicted about the book the night they stormed Eureka. I predicted that the dog on the front cover and the girl on the front cover were very close, the girls parent died when the town got stormed and it only her and the dog left. The saying on the bottom of the book […]

Corneal note on reading


Today we learnt how to do corneal notes so we did it on our reading.  

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Persistent Lexi By Lauren/ Me


The past few weeks we have been working on picture story books for our prep buddy’s for next year. Your probably wondering what the story is about the story is set at a school were a girl called Lexi goes trough a few hurdles to victory. ( Watch the video for the story.The proses was […]

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3 is a awesome number NOT


Today I heard that there are 3 reading meaning. Oh oh that mean that more learning at school. The past two days we have been looking at the 3 reading meanings. They all have Frasers our words to make it easier. Here are the 3 reading meaning. Lit lit er er al al make literal. […]

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The student blogging challenge 2017

The student  blogging challenge 2017

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