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The night they stormed Eureka


Today we predicted about the book the night they stormed Eureka. I predicted that the dog on the front cover and the girl on the front cover were very close, the girls parent died when the town got stormed and it only her and the dog left. The saying on the bottom of the book says some times you need to stand together I thing it means she stand with people she doesn’t now and she stands by her dog. Once we had talk to the people around use I through something different. It is based on the Eureka stock aid the dog is a sim all of Australia because I think it is a Diogo. The Eureka flag is on the front page. This is the front cover of the book.

This is the website I used to get the photo of the front page .

Corneal note on reading


Today we learnt how to do corneal notes so we did it on our reading.


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Me as a reader


Click the image for a clear image.

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For the past weeks we have looking for inspiration, plan , writing and publishing a poem. My poem is about my horse Jake who died 2 months.

This is my poems.

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Passive houses


For the past term we have been working on passive houses. It was hard work to get to the building sage. The main goal was not to build the passive house it was to learn about sustainable. My partner was Sophie, she was great to work with. We both rate the subject 9 out of 10 because it was hard to build the furniture. At the end we had to made a solour light, ours worked after a few tries. I really like the set out of our house and the outside. I think that we had the best house.

These are the photos of our house.

br />





This is our slide show.

br />

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Come see the best dancers in the world


Come and see the best dancers in the world there will be an Ice cream van, piazza truck and a coffee van the show is on the 1st of December 2016! Wait isn’t it the second. Sorry you mist it.

For the past term we have been putting lots of hard work into our dance. Our song is dynamite, at first we had a mash up of Lean On and Thunder but we didn’t like it we got Dynamite.

After we had chosen the song we were going to do at the concert we started thinking of tricks that we could do. The people who did tricks were Sophie and Charlize backwards walk over together, Fintan did the worm in the middle of Charlize and Sophie while doing the BWO ( backwards walk over), Mikaylah, Sophie and Charlize who did the score pine. Jarod who juggled the a soccer ball, Amelia, Sabine, Madi and Amy who was apprentice on the day did Irish dancing and Olivia and I held up Charlize in an cheerleading pose. The next thing we did was practice the moves from a just dance. We practice till we new it of by heart. The next thing we did was present it to the school and the parents.

Before we performed I felt completely relaxed even when I was going up the stairs to go on sage. I think I was relaxed because I have done that 2 dance performances and spoken are assembly many times. Durning the performance I was very having lots of fun and wish every moment could be like that. After we had performed I felt proud of me and all my class for performing to there best.

I would like to thank Mrs C and Mrs B for making the concert possible. And all the parent, grandparents and friends who came to watch use perform. Also I would like to thank any one who help or made the concert possible. Thank you

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Persistent Lexi By Lauren/ Me


The past few weeks we have been working on picture story books for our prep buddy’s for next year. Your probably wondering what the story is about the story is set at a school were a girl called Lexi goes trough a few hurdles to victory. ( Watch the video for the story.The proses was long and it took a lot of time and effort the first we had to make a plan. Planing is very important because if you don’t plan you don’t now what you story is about and it is harder to write. The second thing we had to do was draft our story I called it draft because I changed because it had mistakes or it didn’t make sense. After I was happy with the story I typed it up and sent it to Mrs M who edited it and printed it out for use. Once I cut and pasted my text I had to illustrated the hole book which was hard. Because I only have one buddy I didn’t have to make two cover which was sad but lucky.

The proses was very hard but it was worth the sweat and tears. My favourite part was illustrating the book my picture are very detailed and I hope my buddy loves the illustration. My book is very colourful and that shows Lexis personality through out the book. Next time I would set out my pages before pasting because I put some of them on the rouge pages. Also I thing I would scech

Please leave a comment on if you liked the story.

Please stop the video if want to read it. Find all the items.

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Is Climate and weather different?


Is Climate and weather different? Yes they are weather is day and climate is the hole year, month. Cheri came to our class today. Her job was meteorologist and climateoligist. I learnt a heap fro.m her talking I really appreciate her time in coming here.

Coming away from the talk I learnt that there are different gasses going up into the atmosphere like greenhouse gas, methane, carbon dioxide and lots more. 97% of scientists believe that Climate Change is happening now. Some people think it is a dapat but it is not. Did you know that cow are a little part of climate change. Cow fart out methane it is a big problem because we farm cows. Such a little thing could make a big problem. The heat is rising so that means ice caps are melting and the sea levels also are rising. We human put the most carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

What you can do to help try to resolve climate change.
There are lots more ways but here are some of them
– Red Cycling
– Recycling
– Walking to work or school
– Turn of the light , heaters and anything that you can turn of
– Eat lease red meat

Tell me your response about climate change in the comments. If you already new that about climate change then comment about did you now about cows are little part of the climate change.

For more information on red cycle look at this web site:


This picture shows the thing that happen because of global warming.
Web site I got it of:

This picture is very powerful.
Web site:

This picture is also very powerful.
Web site:

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One day we will run out


We don’t have the resources for ever one day we will run out. Today Western water came to our school the lady speaking to us was Ann. Because our inquiry them this term was Sustainability. We got into group and looked at an subject my groups subject was lunch boxes. In my group I had Darcy, Jarred and I. I learn that Queensland has the most rubbish in there waterways. Having a lot of rubbish is bad for the wildlife and our health. Using lunch boxes you aren’t using plastic that you can’t recycle or reuse. If you love shapes you don’t have to get the already packaged ones you can just get the boxed shapes and put them in canters your saving money and you are being sustained but the only thing it will take longer than if you grab a packaged shapes, but your saving the world. I learn that if you have 725 glasses of water it only is 10c. But a disposable bottle only has a litre but it cost from 2- 7 dollars and the disposable bottle plastic just gose into landfill. From Ann’s presentation I am going to put my rubbish in the right bin. Also I will turn of lights when I am not in the room to save energy and fossil fuel.

This is my group presenting at Court.

This is our hole class with Ann and Sammy.

Jarred blog:
Darcy blog:
Ms Marks and Mr Preaudet so you can see other people posts:

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Science is awesome


There is not 1 branch of science theirs many. That was our inquiry topic. The goal was for us to research, write, publishing and be an expert on one scientific question. Wednesday (7/9/16) was the day we where going to share our presentation with year 5 parents and year 4 students. We had table partners. My partner was Charlize. She was doing How galaxy are formed. We were the star table. We had to write a poster,I got the idea from a space book. Doing the birth and death of a star was very interesting. I learnt a lot, know if you ask we how a star is born I can tell it to you right then. The height light was tell every one how star s begin and end. The low light was that I had to say the same thing over and over again. What I did well? As I told the people that came to my table I told the steps to them in language that they would understand. If I had to do this again I would defiantly have a modal that they can touch. Because I think that it was boring and maybe it would make it easy for them to understand. < br />
This is my poster.

This is my modal for death of a star.

This is my modal for birth of a star.

This is how you make Helium.

This is Charlize blog:

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