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This is about me. She’s running at least a length in front and she pass the baton to her team mate a few seconds later her team crosses the line winning first and going to division. I love running, swimming and heaps more sports. I dislike a few sports because I think they’re boring like golf, handball and more.

I live with my sister, mum and dad and we live on a big property. I love that I live on a big property because I can run around have horse and bike ride.

My hobbies are sport, craft, shopping, baking, riding my bike, playing with family, friends and I love running around my backyard which is 10 acres big or playing with my animals.

I love sport so much! I do swimming I am in pre-squad as well as athletics and I love bike riding with my family.

I have 1 horse, 1 pony, 3 chickens and 3 fish. I think I have a dog but it is my grandma dog.

I went on a holiday to America and Canada. First I went to Whistler, Canada and we went skiing. We then went to LA Disneyland ( the first Disneyland)

My favourite colour is blue. I don’t know why I like it because it’s just a cool colour. My second favourite colour is green or purple I can’t decide between them , I don’t know why I like them.

I love where I go to school and my life. Thanks for reading



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The student blogging challenge 2017

The student  blogging challenge 2017

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