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Come see the best dancers in the world


Come and see the best dancers in the world there will be an Ice cream van, piazza truck and a coffee van the show is on the 1st of December 2016! Wait isn’t it the second. Sorry you mist it.

For the past term we have been putting lots of hard work into our dance. Our song is dynamite, at first we had a mash up of Lean On and Thunder but we didn’t like it we got Dynamite.

After we had chosen the song we were going to do at the concert we started thinking of tricks that we could do. The people who did tricks were Sophie and Charlize backwards walk over together, Fintan did the worm in the middle of Charlize and Sophie while doing the BWO ( backwards walk over), Mikaylah, Sophie and Charlize who did the score pine. Jarod who juggled the a soccer ball, Amelia, Sabine, Madi and Amy who was apprentice on the day did Irish dancing and Olivia and I held up Charlize in an cheerleading pose. The next thing we did was practice the moves from a just dance. We practice till we new it of by heart. The next thing we did was present it to the school and the parents.

Before we performed I felt completely relaxed even when I was going up the stairs to go on sage. I think I was relaxed because I have done that 2 dance performances and spoken are assembly many times. Durning the performance I was very having lots of fun and wish every moment could be like that. After we had performed I felt proud of me and all my class for performing to there best.

I would like to thank Mrs C and Mrs B for making the concert possible. And all the parent, grandparents and friends who came to watch use perform. Also I would like to thank any one who help or made the concert possible. Thank you

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