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Global Interconnection


The past term in our inquiry we have been doing global international. Global Interconnection is when we research a country that we were interested in. My partner was Alby and we researched South Africa. I though some of the information. Hopefully you like our presentation. Leave a comment.Thankyou

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New Gizzy Grandstand


Here are the pros and cons of the political party.
Here are some facts on our party.
Name – New Gizzy Grandstand
Leader- Ruby
Member – Me, Max, Kane , Blake and Josh


There is our website for more information.

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Chance and data


Today we did change and data. For my even problem I rolled I a dice 60 times. I predicted that 4 will be the most rolled. But the number 3 was the most rolled and the least rolled was 6. For my unfair problem I spun a spinner it was very un fare. I predicted that red would be the most spun in 100.
There are some images of my work.




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Certial box


Did you ever think you could tern a cereal box into a box about Dawn Fraser. We had to tern a certial box into a box about our character .

Information Bibligraphy
Image Bibliography

There is my certial box.









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Independent maths week 1


This week I made another independent maths goal. I set my 7 time tables I now every other table up to 12 times table.
This is my test I have done this before and after learning I will do it again.

This is the website that I used for my test.


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Read aloud


We had to read a picture story book to our prep buddy’s. I chose to read ‘ Thanks you for looking after our pet ‘ by Tim Hopgood. I choose this book because I use to read it to my sister when she was younger and she loved it. So I thought that my prep buddy’s would like the />
Hear is a video of me reading the book. If you think I did anything you want to change tell me in the comment so I am a great reader to the preps.

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The night they stormed eureka reflection


The past 2 teams we have been reading as class the night they stormed eureka. We had to do writing while Mr Bell read we did a comparison from 1850 and 2017 the thing we did shelter, water, food , hygiene and other / interesting facts. The biggest thing to me was that the girls had to wear clothes from ankle to wrist and if you didn’t you would get arrested. You even had to wear wrist to ankle clothing when you went swimming.






This is an 1850 fancy dress for a lady.

This is a fancy dress from 21st sentory.


This is what a man wore in the 1850.


This is what a man wears in the 31st sentory.

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Solar boat


Over the team the year sixes have been doing solar boat it has taken use all team to finish the product my team name was Smoke on water in my team was Me, Zed and Callum.

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How to post a comment?


Today this video will show you how to post a comment.

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Does this look like me?



Which photo looks more like me my avatar or actually me. Do you know what an avatar is? An avatar is a picture of a person or a character from a movie you are not allowed to have a picture of enother person famous or not. I made an avatar for the Student blogging challenge. I chose this avatar because I have brown straight hair and blue eyes.

I think it looks exactly like me.

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